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Tsvetislava Koleva

The “Día de los Muertos” Series

"Paint and Butterflies"



"Lace & Gold"


"After participating in Second Skin contest, I wanted to develop my idea for the " sugar skull ".The challenge was to create a variety of different interpretations of
this iconic image for the mexican holiday Día de los Muertos .
Paper was the only material that I used and this gave me the chance to explore
the different characteristics and possibilities of the material .
The final result was a unique combination of different details & styles .”

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F. M. Howard

For more F.M. Howard look here and here

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Things I’ve Said To My Children by Nathan Ripperger

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At the window

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Auguste Rodin, Icarus

Auguste Rodin, Icarus

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"Intimacy is the capacity to be rather weird with someone - and finding that that’s ok with them."

Alain de Botton (1969-)

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kiggor: If other planets were at the same distance as our moon

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Danny Lyon


Danny Lyon

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"Vogue" by Filipe Azevedo.


"Vogue" by Filipe Azevedo.


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